Remember Exhibition

April 15 - July 22

? Remember יזכור ?

The Artists’ Colony in Hutzot Hayotzer

Remember” is one of the basic commandments of Judaism – “remember what Amalek did to you”, “remember the Sabbath day”, national memorial days and holidays like Passover, Chanukah, Purim, Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), Holocaust Remembrance Day, Tisha B’Av, the 17th of Tamuz, Israel’s State Memorial Day and others, were all marked to remember key points in Jewish history. Remembering the past also gives meaning to the present and to the future, a memory that has preserved the Jewish people in long periods of exile and a memory that is the glue that binds the people of the State today: “We are all the bereaved families”, even if each of us has his own personal memory and grief.

For this special exhibition, 25 Hutzot Hayotzer artists each present an item of their works on the subject and ritual of Memory – refining the emotions behind the pain, the longing and the memory of those long gone with an object of use – candle, goblet, memorial board, monument or relic.

The artists’ workshops are open Sunday through Thursday 10:00-17:00, Fridays from 10:00-14:00. Free admission.

Where Tradition meets Art



Kol HaOt Programs

Kol HaOt Programs for Tourists to Israel: A Pilgrimage of Art & Jewish Sources

Transform your clients’ next visit to Israel into a journey into the color and shape of Jewish/Israeli life and sources. By including a Kol HaOt program in your itinerary, your clients will experience how the magic of the arts conveys the creative and captivating dimensions of Jewish history, texts, and values.

Kol HaOt’s interactive, hands-on, art workshops, which are specifically designed for visitors to Israel, have proven to be both meaningful and unforgettable. We carefully weave creativity and aesthetics with Jewish texts, in intimate group interactions.


How Do We Do It?

Our workshops include exposure to high-quality Jewish artwork, as well as a hands-on participatory element, enabling participants to come home with a treasured keepsake from their experience – one that deeply reflects their personal Jewish and Israel exploration. All our programs, such as our popular “Mapping the Journey” workshop, are facilitated by experienced Jewish arts educators, who lead participants through a personally-probing, text-through-the-arts process. Among our founders is the renowned Judaica artist David Moss, who is a senior mentor of our organization.

Our offerings are appropriate for all ages, levels and affiliations, and can run from an hour and a half, to a full day, depending on your group’s needs. Participants often tell us that our sessions are the highlight of their trip to Israel!

To get a deeper understanding of our activities:

  • See our Menu of Programs, which describes our array of workshops.
  • As an example, get a sense of the process of our “Mapping the Journey” programhere.
  • Watcha participant reflect on the impact our session has had on her. Read touching thank-you letters about this program.
  • Visit the Kol HaOt website,
  • View our Facebookphoto album page, to see the range of incredible works that participants in our programs have created.

Contact us for more information, and to find out how Kol HaOt can infuse color and deep meaning into your clients’ next trip to Israel!



Kol HaOt’s prices for Visual Arts – Educational Experiences Programs

Standard pricesbased on number of participants (all groups):

$250 + VAT per program, up to 12 participants (possibility of lower prices for up to 7 participants)

$400 + VAT per program, 13 to 25 participants

$550 + VAT per program, 26 to 39 participants

Prices quoted above are for our programs that run for 1.5 hours



Private painting workshop

Private painting workshop in the studio of the artist Dina Kopelman at the Artists Colony, Jerusalem.
A two-hour experiential workshop in which we will learn about the charcoal drawing technique.
Also suitable for people without previous experience but with desire and passion for painting.
The workshop  aims to open the mind and heart to the world of painting and to serve as a driving force for the continuation of the process of study and creation.


Recommended as a couple experience, as a birthday gift, anniversary and more …


For additional information and registration:



Draw with David Harel

Sunday 14:00-17:00

learning to draw

Draw and learn with David Harel
Dudu Harel‘s studio is the oldest and one of the best known in Jerusalem and located at Artists Colony
Limited number of places.
Personal and close guidance for those are interested in learning to draw.
To register:
02.6285454 050.8669893