Gideon Hay Judaica Jewelry

Gideon Hay has more than fifty years of experience in jewelry. Since 1963 he has done so in his studio at the Artists’ Colony of Jerusalem. His most popular products are Menorahs, Kiddush cups and Mezuzah. His great attraction to dreidels prompted him to create a large and exciting collection of tops, which is displayed in his studio.

Jewish-American astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman took with him into space one of Gideon’s dreidels. This is not the only work of Gideon that managed to get to special places and people – Hay’s goblets were given as gifts to the King of Jordan and to the king of Saudi Arabia on behalf of the director of the ADL.  A special Menorah of Hay was awarded as a Peace Prize on behalf of “Hadassah” to Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.




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