• Moshe Basson. Chef and Owner

Moshe Basson Chef, Eucalyptus restaurant

Moshe Basson is one of the most recognizable chefs in Jerusalem. Eucalyptus restaurant was founded back in 1986. Since 2009 it has been located at the Artists’ Colony of Jerusalem. Eucalyptus is a kosher restaurant that specializes in Israeli food inspired by the Bible and by the Jewish-Aleppo, Jewish-Iraqi and Palestinians cuisines. Basson mostly uses raw materials grown in the hills of Jerusalem. He specializes in SLOW FOOD, a movement in which Basson is a member. Moshe is an expert in the field of edible plants and medicinal local herbs. Moshe grows a spice garden in the complex in which all the restaurant staff takes part in the cultivation and picking the special herbs and the edible flowers.


E-mail: mosherest@gmail.com

URL: www.the-eucalyptus.com

Phone: +972-2-6244331