Yaakov Greenvurcel Silversmith Designer

Yaakov Greenvurcel, an award-winning graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy of Jerusalem, has been designing contemporary Jewish ceremonial art and silver Object D’art since 1980. Greenvurcel is one of the world’s most prominent artists in his field.

Greenvurcel’s ritual objects breathe new life into ancient forms and at the same time each of them is designed in accordance with the Halachah (Jewish Law).

Each one of the creations is meticulously hand crafted with unparalleled attention to detail.

Greenvurcel’s works of art have been exhibited widely and are part of many well known private and public collections around the world, as well as the permanent collections of 15 international museums.


E-mail: ygd@isdn.net.il

URL: www.greenvurcel.co.il

Phone: +972-2-6221620