Georges Goldstein painter

Georges Goldstein, an architect and artist, is engaged in various fields of design, but his unique expertise is drawing huge tapestries. His carpets are woven on large looms. Their designs are inspired by the works of known painters as Mordecai Ardon, Yaacov Agam, Dani Karavan, Reuven Rubin, and other renowned artists.

Georges was born in France and immigrated to Israel in 1964. He opened a studio in the city of Nazareth, the first weaving studio in Israel. In 1969 he opened a new studio in the Artists’ Colony of Jerusalem. He had eighteen employees; Georges painted and weaved tapestries, these have decorated many homes and public spaces in Israel and around the world. Goldstein has taught for many years in the art department at Bezalel.

Carine Kleiman, daughter of Georges, joined the studio in 1983 and specialized in weaving small looms and creating Judaica art such as Tallitot, Parochot, Chupa and Torah Mantles.



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