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Art Tours in Hutzot Hayotzer in Hanukkah

HANUKKAH Art tours are ready to go!
Experience Jerusalem through the eyes of the artists.
“Between the Old City and the New” Art Tour will include meetings with artists in Artists Colony​ and in the neighborhood of Mamilla.
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Friday 15.12 at 10:00
Sunday 17.12 at 11:00
Monday 18.12 at 16:00
Tuesday 19.12 at 11:00


In the valley between the Old City and the New you will find a picturesque path with modest square structures on either side. Since the reunification of Jerusalem in1967 artists have taken to this valley. Shielded from the sounds of the bustling modern city, they are inspired to create and produce art. Meet leading Israeli artists in their studios: painters, silversmiths, weavers, photographers and more. See their work and engage in personalized discussion about art and culture in the city.


The Crazy Dreidel Challenge


spinning a dreidel in a strange place

The Artists’ Colony launches:
>> The Crazy Dreidel Challenge <<
Post and share a photo or video of yourself spinning a dreidel in a strange place in the world. Tag #artistscolony
The image that receives the most likes will win a gift from one of the Artists in the Artist Colony. The winner will be announced on the 8th day of Hanukkah.

Jewish American astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman wanted to celebrate Hannukah in space and took with him a dreidel made by Gidon Hai, an artist who works and exhibits in the Jerusalem Artist Colony. As far as we know, this is the first and only dreidel that has been played at zero gravity.

Hanukkah Items

Luxury Hanukkah Items at a special 10% discount

Step in to any of the galleries and workshops and be
impressed with the many ways you can relate to the Hanukkiah
– standing, laying, kinetic, from silver, gold, glass or calligraphed plastic.
Look for the upgraded dreidels – with sides, completely
round, decorated with precious stones, or look for photos
and drawings catching the unique light of Jerusalem in the celebrations of the Holiday.


Special Hanukkah Event

19.12.2017 at 19:00

 ‘Shedding Light’

Special Hanukkah Event, ‘Shedding Light’, Featuring Artist Ken Goldman’s
Contemporary Religious Art & New Ritual Objects. 

presentation by Kol HaOt Artist-in Residence, Ken Goldman, on his funky, humorous and sharp contemporary ritual objects. His Hanukkah menorahs will be on exhibit the entire week of Hannukah (

Join us at the Kol HaOt Center – Hutzot HaYotzer, Jerusalem Artists’ Colony!


Draw with David Harel

Sunday 14:00-17:00

learning to draw

Draw and learn with David Harel
Dudu Harel‘s studio is the oldest and one of the best known in Jerusalem and located at Artists Colony
Limited number of places.
Personal and close guidance for those are interested in learning to draw.
To register:
02.6285454 050.8669893