The Artisan Haggada

March 22 - April 8, 2018

The Artisan Haggada
Pesach Exhibition חוצות היוצר – Artists Colony, Jerusalem
Contemporary Pesach items in special exhibition
March 22 – April 8, 2018
26 artists displaying 1 item each:
Artisan Seder plates, calligraphic Haggadot, Matzah covers, wine glasses, candle holders and much more…
Where Tradition meets Art



Playing with Plagues

Monday, APRIL 2, 5-10 pm

Kol HaOt Illuminated Haggadah Fair – this year featuring the theme “Playing with Plagues”.
Monday, APRIL 2, Hol HaMoed Passover,  5-10 pm at the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel.
– VIEW impressive artistic haggadot PLUS various interpretations of the 10 plagues. Get a dramatic sense of these events of the Exodus story, and how we can re-imagine the plagues in contemporary terms!
– FEATURING: Origami workshops on frogs, plus shadow theater on darkness. 
– ENGAGING speakers:
– MICAH GOODMAN, author of Catch 67, on “The 10 Plagues, Past and Future: Jewish Approaches to Egyptian Suffering,”
– RACHELLE FRAENKEL, on “First-Borns: A Blessing or a Plague?”
– GILA FINE, on “The 4th Plague: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My”

Modern illuminated haggadot by renowned Israeli artists will also be featured and sold at the fair. Entrance is FREE.
More information:, 02-990-5177,
PHOTO CREDIT: Frogs, The Eliahou Haggada, © Eliahou Eric Bokobza, 2008-2009



Private painting workshop

Private painting workshop in the studio of the artist Dina Kopelman at the Artists Colony, Jerusalem.
A two-hour experiential workshop in which we will learn about the charcoal drawing technique.
Also suitable for people without previous experience but with desire and passion for painting.
The workshop  aims to open the mind and heart to the world of painting and to serve as a driving force for the continuation of the process of study and creation.


Recommended as a couple experience, as a birthday gift, anniversary and more …


For additional information and registration:




Sundays 18:00-20:30

The photography course will take place once a week at the photography gallery at the artist colony (near Jaffa Gate and Mamilla).
The course aims to provide a practical understanding, knowledge and photography skills in a tightly planned, focused manner: How to make the most of your camera, how to use software to manage and enhance your images, how to properly use a flash, how to work with a human or non-human subject and more.. ..all this while developing a personal approach and acquiring guidelines and directions for further development. Session 5 of the photography course will be held entirely outdoors, around the neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Minimum of 5 participants required.


Sundays between 18:00-20:30
In English! Session 5 will be held outdoors on a Friday morning.
Free parking.
For additional information and registration:
Yaal Herman 


Draw with David Harel

Sunday 14:00-17:00

learning to draw

Draw and learn with David Harel
Dudu Harel‘s studio is the oldest and one of the best known in Jerusalem and located at Artists Colony
Limited number of places.
Personal and close guidance for those are interested in learning to draw.
To register:
02.6285454 050.8669893